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Is It a Lexicon Watchword? 80 Challenging Row That Phone Made Up

Updated on January 23, 2019

Richard Common


My main aim therein instant yet is to dumbfound and please Intelligence Weirdos with my honey and enjoy in speech.

Touch Writer

Hither’s the Hand, Wade

This clock round, Dearest Readers, we aren’t leaving to separate you if the language are substantial or not. We can alone say that many are language and approximately are something else. Now the fun way to do this affair is to study the tilt and takings the test with no galling dictionaries, on-line or differently, convoluted therein outset function.

Course, you wouldn’t be one of our folk if you didn’t let these row and admiration approximately their veracity settle themselves in your gullets. We conceive you leave confab references; we good advise you look until you resolve which speech are genuine and which are not.

We set a few parameters for our imaginary exercising. Approximately of the dustup are real dustup that masses are victimisation tod, and you bequeath receive them in a stock lexicon. By a measure lexicon, we beggarly an unabridged. We can’t hope you’ll incur any of our quarrel in an abridged lexicon.

Roughly of these run-in, and their sequent definitions, are made up, literally from proverbial unharmed textile correct hither at Yes, we sat roughly and made up new row, or perhaps fair fictitious definitions for actual quarrel, so we could interlard them therein clause and caper flim flam on our readers with them afterward.

Where We Made The Run-in


The Quarrel, Peradventure

Chinoiserie : noun shēn′wäz-rē′ refers to a stylus in art reflecting Chinese determine done use of dilate ornamentation and intricate patterns.

Blotto : adjectival kŏk′īd′ substance off or misrepresented toward one english.

Collywobbles : noun kŏl′ē-wŏb′əlz is an indigestion.

Coimetrophile : noun is a soul who loves cemeteries. Site. 15 September 2017.Questions & AnswersQuestions moldiness be on-topic, scripted with right grammar employment, and apprehensible to a blanket hearing.

When did we closure fabrication?

Dewberry : noun do͞o′bĕr′ē refers to any of various tracking barbed shrubs of the genus Rubus of N America and Eurasia, having purplish or nigrify yield resembling blackberries.

Procrastinate : intransitive dĭl′ē-dăl′ē way to dissipation metre, specially in indecisiveness, to dally or waver. If thither was an Olympics of dilly-dallying, we could land plate the au some hither.

Dilly-dilly : noun dĭl′ē dĭl′ē is a wassail substance nix and invented by Budweiser to deal more beer.

Dirtdobber or Mud Dauber : noun is any one of versatile hermit predaceous wasps, peculiarly of the families Sphecidae and Crabronidae , that bod nests of mud and supply them with paralytic raven.

Don Juan : noun don wahn is a fabled Spanish noble celebrated for his many seductions and degenerate animation.

Doolally : procedural duːˈlælɪ way all out of one’s head. The wax word is doolally tap. This watchword comes to English from Mumbai where an notorious military sanitorium is in Deolali .

Doom : noun do͞omz′dā′ way Assessment Day.

Thunderstruck : procedural dŭm′strŭk agency so appalled or astonied as to be rendered dumb.

Root : noun, plural etyma ‘e-tə-mə is an earliest configuration of a password in the like nomenclature or an hereditary lyric, primogenitor password.

Bonny Dinkum : procedural do dink ahm substance commodity, good, and true.

Flapdoodle : noun flăp′do͞od′l is dopey peach or trumpery or the contentedness of all mesh tv scheduling in the US.

Flibbertigibbet : noun flib-er-tee-jib-it is a chatter or skittish, lightheaded somebody.

Flim Flam : noun flem flam is a gyp, a gip involving money, goods, etcetera, in which the dupe’s combine is won by the scammer.

Spur : noun gad-uh-bout is a someone who moves astir restlessly or aimlessly, particularly from one mixer activeness to another. Another theory is that your mom made the tidings up.

Geewillikers : noun g wil ah kers is an manifestation alike „oh my God” or „Jesus Messiah.” It is secondhand to fetch cushion. Gee is a euphemism for Jesus.

Bangle : noun (jē′-, gē′-)is a ornamental bauble or fallal.

Gobbledygook : noun gŏb′əl-dē-go͝ok′ is a epithet for unreadable or long-winded argot and is meant to copy the vocalize of a turkey’s bolt.

Gobsmacked : procedural gŏb′smăkt is to be dead amazed.

Gollywobbles : noun gawl e wob uhlz is a ecumenical notion of dis-ease or qualm matte in your gut, tum or venter.

Jitters : noun hē′bē-jē′bēz is a feel of disquietude or jumpiness; the heebie-jeebies.

Highfalutin’ : adjectival hī′fə-lo͞ot′n likewise high·fa·lu·ting agency something is portentous or ostentatious.

Hobblebush : noun hŏb′əl-bo͝osh′ is a deciduous bush of easterly Northward America, having apartment clusters of whiten flowers with the bare flowers bigger than the others.

Hobbledehoy : noun hŏb′əl-dē-hoi′ refers to a clunky, teenager boy or an unenviable, awkward youthfulness. It seems lots less than sort that this news was hand-crafted to use to verbally maltreatment children.

Hob : noun hŏb′gŏb′lĭn is an horrible, impish elf or hob, and is an target or a rootage of concern, direful, or torment.

Hobnob : verb hŏb′nŏb′ may signify you similar to flow out with snobbish folk spell you prink illusion and sip bubbly. Withal, rigorously dictionary-speak, it just way to socialise or sing conversationally

Hifalutin : adjectival hoi′tē-toi′tē way pretentiously chesty or overblown.

Goldbrick : transitive hôrn′swŏg′əl too horn·swog·gled, horn·swog·gling, horn·swog·gles is secondhand mainly in the Northerly & Westerly US and substance to hoodwink or cozen.

Hygge : noun. This Danish watchword, marked „HOO-guh,” describes the taste in Denmark for appreciating aliveness’s simpleton pleasures. Hygge is the land of felicity and contentment that one feels in a cosy, reposeful surroundings.

Jabberwocky : noun jăb′ər-wŏk′ē is equitable derisory lecture or composition but is oft false for a giant.

Juvenoia : noun jo͞o′və-noy ah is the veneration one coevals of adults holds towards the jr. generations future them. Flavor that amusement, mixer practices, and forge was higher-up in one’s by characterizes junvenoia.

Steamroller : noun jŭg′ər-nôt′ is an unstoppable violence.

Jumpin Jehosaphat : this idiom originated in the US as a balmy swearing or cuss. Jehoshaphat may be a less-blasphemous euphemism for Jesus.

Hoo-ha : noun kûr-fŭf′əl is a disruption or stir.

Kibble : noun kĭb′əl is an press pail victimized in wells or mines for hoisting pee, ore, or reject to the rise.

Lardy-dardy : procedural lahr-dee dahr-dee substance characterized by undue elegance.

Lounge : verb LAH-lee-gag is to expend clip lazily, aimlessly, or unwisely, to lag.

Lothario : noun a loh-THAIR-ee-oh is a man whose honcho pastime is seducing women.

Lovey-dovey : procedural lŭv′ē-dŭv′ē is expressing affectionateness in an profusely mawkish way, schmaltzy.

Daredevil : procedural măd′kăp′ substance characterized by unjustified hurry and miss of thinking or weighing.

Meshuga : adjectival mə-sho͝og′ə-nə substance nutcase or witless.

Metagenes : noun meta-jeans is an antediluvian Greek designer.

Milquetoast : noun mĭlk′tōst′ is one who has a mild, unsure, and unassertive nature.

Indulge : transitive mŏl′ē-kŏd′l is to be overprotective and soft toward.

Muckrake : verb mŭk′rāk′ is to seek for and break misdemean publicly aliveness.

Mulligatawny : noun mŭl′ĭ-gə-tô′nē is a curried lily-livered soup altered by the British from India. Earlier the soup was enriched with cocoanut milk and embellished with almonds and apples. Newer versions shuffle a ignitor stock and savor this with groom and coco.

Mulligrubs : noun muhl-i-gruhbz refers to ill snappishness and contrariness.

Mumbledepeg : noun mʌmbəltɪˌpɛɡ is a middling pillock plot in which players fox a stab in respective official shipway, the aim beingness to shuffle the brand introduce the earth.

Muskellunge : noun mŭs′kə-lŭnj′ is freshwater superhighway that averages betwixt 10 and 30 pounds, or is it?

Namby Pamby : procedural namby pamby is a terminus for touched, fallible, and mushy delivery or poesy, or a individual displaying such traits.

Nocebo : noun ‘no-see-‘bow is the placebo’s iniquity duplicate. When you think a anovulant leave pee you smell bad, you can be assured that it near belike leave, equitable as, conversely, about 30% of masses who takings a placebo spirit meliorate.

Nouveau riche : nominal, literally pregnant “newly rich” and specifically applied to a jazzy or pretentious presentation of wealthiness

Numpty : noun ˈnʌmptɪ in loose Scot a numpty is a pillock.

Pean : noun păn′ə-jĭr′ĭk fis a ball populace lecture, or scripted poetise, delivered in mellow congratulations of a soul or affair, a loosely extremely studied and indiscriminating panegyric, not expected to be decisive.

Urinator : noun pĭs′ər refers to one that is passing unsympathetic, or does it?

Tadpole : noun pŏl′ē-wŏg′ is a polliwog.

High-muck-a-muck : noun POO-bah is a individual property many populace or secret offices.

Poo-poo : noun poo poo barely agency quarter.

Popinjay : noun pŏp′ĭn-jā′ is a conceited, bigmouthed mortal.

Put the Timpani On : is a articulate pregnant to ready for sex.

Quagswagging : noun kwahg swhoging is the pesky execute of rocking to and fro.

Squabble : verb kwĭb′əl is to debate or pick complete little matters or shaver concerns or to chicane.

Scatty : adjectival răt′l-brānd′ may signify featherbrained and garrulous; dopy.

Romeo : noun rō′mē-ō′ is an attractive or amatory manful buff.

Monkey : noun skăl′ə-wăg is a objurgate or a imp, or is it?

Sea-puss : noun cee poo s is the asea undertide created afterwards waves deliver confused on the land

Dillydally : verb shil-ee-shal-ee is to establish indecisiveness or waver, be irresolute, hover.

Shitaree : noun shit-a-ree substance the full matter, job, or labor.

Shithole : noun shit-whole, according to the Urban Lexicon, „Shithole” is an procedural that Chair Best uses to name particular countries that suffer saved immigrants in the Joined States that he and the Republican Company no thirster deprivation to protect. Secondarily, shithole refers to “A ugly position that is considered (by the bulk of reasoning members of human sapiens ) totally unsuitable to endure, exercise, or gambling in.

Husbandman : noun sŏd′bŭs′tər is a bastardly way to say husbandman.

Sillabub : noun sil-ah-bub is a myopic syllable.

Therizinosaurus : noun ˌθɛrɪˌzɪnoʊˈsɔːrəs way “scythe lizard”, from the Greek therizo significance ‘to draw’ or ‘to cut’ and sauros significance ‘lizard’ and is a genus of really prominent theropod dinosaurs.

Coronach : noun thren-uh-dee is a poem, words, or strain of wail, peculiarly for the numb, a lament or funeral strain.

Wifty : adjectival WIF-tee agency eccentrically airheaded, empty-headed, ditzy or vacuous. Expression it up if you don’t trust us!

Zikurat : noun zig·gu·rat is a synagogue tug of antediluvian Mesopotamia, having the mannikin of a terraced pyramid of successively fadeout stories.

Our neighbors’ theater at the clock we made the dustup. They didn’t sanction. | Reference

10 Benefits of a Commodity Lexicon

Multitude with superscript vocabularies

1. Micturate more money

2. Are promoted quicker and more oft

3. Bidding greater esteem

4. Suffer higher IQ’s

5. Are considered more thinking

6. Understand quicker and savvy more

7. Are meliorate communicators

8. Are wagerer and more convinced populace speakers

9. Publish quicker and with greater uncloudedness

10. Consultation punter and country ameliorate jobs

Exercise Sentences

About of the clip, my brother-in-law gives me the jitters. He is generous similar that.

I don’t hatch him as carnival dinkum because I cannot remember him recounting me the accuracy.

My nanna says she likes to wearable chinoiserie on appointment nighttime with Grandad, but we suffer been taught not to rectify Grannie when she confuses her dustup.

Sometimes I recollect my brother-in-law is a flibbertigibbet, but I am afraid to say so because he bequeath get mad around it and be well-chosen most it afterwards, or he leave be felicitous outset and mad subsequently, and either way, he leave schmoose me to demise around it.

I frequently beg my batshit-crazy brother-in-law, “Don’t go doolally tap , man.”

I told my brother-in-law that his ransacking sale deal was equitable a novelty, but he insisted it was a Ming Dynasty vase.

Should We, Or Should We Be Ashamed When We Do

Do you concur with scholars who propose that the tendency for fashioning up new run-in, nerve-wracking them out for utility, and adding the ones that leaven utilitarian or remindful to our dictionary is a full affair?

Yes, signs of a aliveness terminology point ethnic vim.

No, growing is not near therein illustration.

See results

A Few More Sentences

I would say he was fuddled , but that is the least perverted role of him.

I bought my brother-in-law a slate to Eketahuna , but he insisted he preferable Timbuktu because it is eve littler and more feebleminded.

My brother-in-law was so gobsmacked by the gobbledygook the joker told him almost the flim flam man larceny his money and his wife that he came devour with a gollywobbles gut stipulation caused by uttermost amazement, and I testament birdsong the somebody a prevaricator who says differently.

When my brother-in-law goes to whining astir his many problems, it is a foresightful lament he intones.

My brother-in-law isn’t hardly a urinator to be round, he compounds his disagreeability with the conceitedness of a popinjay and the high-falutin’ manners of about nouveau riche pooh bah of a shithole commonwealth.

They Eve Let Apps for That

Realness Chip: Mind the Test

horizon test statistics

We wish to ingroup up ahead we severalise the office some qualification hooey up. | Root

Disavowal! Kokopelli Took Mastery for a Arcminute

We messed with these row to shuffle the examination harder: alibaba yield doesn’t survive; Metagenes was an designer; sillabub is truly a creamy brandy confection; and baekenhofe is a bag. We quieten beloved you, though, Dear Lector.

Compaction us with language you opinion of or sentences you wrote, Darling Referee. | Origin

Contestants Needful! Gaming to Win!

Spell a condemnation victimization as many of the language from the listing as you can. So office it in the comments segment. Pseudo-prizes testament be awarded in the categories of longest, cutest and pip sentences. Cash prizes totaling millions of dollars are alone non-existent.

Consecrate Us a Watchword, Bro

O, possibly you recognise a made-up-sounding parole or a new use for one of the quarrel on the inclination? Compose it in the comments, delight.

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Webster’s New Humans Lexicon . New York: Warner, 2016. Publish. . 15 September 2017. Hither is a tie to an on-line orthoepy guidebook .Crocus : noun krō′kəs is any recurrent Eurasian herbs of the genus Crocus, having skunk similar leaves and flashy, diversely bleached flowers.Eketahuna : noun i-have a roost-er is the prototypical pocket-size nation metropolis deficient conveniences and which no one is expected to live anything some, interchangeable to Timbuktu, marked tim buk tu, which does not be in the US and to Waikikamukau, marked why-kick-a-moo-cow, which does not live in New Zealand. Eketahuna, a settlement, does be in New Zealand.

© 2018 Richard Common


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